Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Real Estate Duplex NY Residential Family Home New York

Real Estate Duplex NY Residential Family Home New York
Just Remodeled Duplex in Wellsville NY!
Sq Footage (Sq. ft.): 3000.00
Setting: Urban/City
Property Type: Duplex
Number of Bedrooms: 5
Property Address: 49 Martin Street
Number of Bathrooms: 3
City: Wellsville
Year Built: 1934
State/Province: New York
Lot Size (acres): 1.00
Zip/Postal Code: 14895
For Sale by: Owner
Current bit as of 2/6/2007 $41000

Duplex NY Residential Family Home New York

Before You Buy a Foreclosure Property, Do Your Homework

Before You Buy a Foreclosure Property, Do Your Homework! Online tools allow you to evaluate potential purchases from the comfort of your home By Rick Sharga, Vice President of Marketing for RealtyTrac
There are two words that give pause to the most motivated real estate buyer or investor, especially during the busy holiday season: property research.
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Friday, February 2, 2007

Web hosting

Ok, you have a free email account, and a free web space... Why would I want to pay $6.45 a month for web hosting if I can get it for free?
Well, when you send email to your friend from a free email account like hotmail.com, yahoo.com or mail.com, you can call your self a SPAMER. Yes a SPAMER. Spamming is the abuse of electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited, undesired bulk messages. Every time you send email, you send tens of advertisements that you are not even getting paid for.
When you point grandma to pictures of your children located on some free web server you got to keep in mind that instead of enjoying the pictures, she will be bombarded with all kind of pop-ups, under pop-ups, flashing ads on top and bottom of the page... That's not a good thing...
Make your first step to stop the abuse of your friends... For just few dollars per month you can have your own email address with your own domain name and ad free emails and web pages. You can also provide your friends with email boxes located on your server ad free... They will love you for that. www.iPROHelpNet.com